Hey there!

We are trying something new here … or at least, we haven’t done before.  Here is the thing, we have to make some choices, we have several variants of this item and this enemy, and we can’t decide which ones are the best. So we are hoping that you could help us deciding!

Click in the image for the full size!


The first image, shows the Aegis shield. This is a legendary shield that will boost your defense A LOT for a few seconds. The main problem with the original version, was that it looked very much like a coin, and people didn’t get that was a shield, so that’s why we are trying these new ones. As you can see, we have five options to choose from: A, B, C, D and E.


Secondly, we have the Argos Panoptes, an enemy from the later stages of the game. This guy’s main feature  is that it has one hundred eyes. And as we as the Hecantochires turned out really cool, and they are like in the same level, we want something as cool for Argos (we haven’t revealed the Hecantochires yet, by the way, we are saving them for later). Also, you can see here that we have six options, all the way from A to F.


Well, that’s about it. We would love to receive some feedback from you guys. Which one is your favorite Aegis? The mighty A? The impervious D? Or perhaps the wondrous E? And what about our buddy Argos, which version do you like the most?  Reach us out by any medium available (comments, posts, Twitter, Facebook) and tell us!

  • HappyWulf

    As for the shield, I like D the most, but B looks the most shieldy.

    For Argos, I like C and D the most.

  • David

    I like the Aegis Shield “E,” and Argos “B” designs the best. The “E” shield still has a simple, classic design while looking noticeably different from the coins because of the darker inset coloring. The Argos designs with the homogeneous, uniformly spaced eyes are… too homogeneous and uniform. And the blue eyes on “C” don’t look as weirdly menacing as the eye design of “B”.

    Can’t wait till this comes out!