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Race to 0.3

Hey there!

First of all, we are extremely happy for the response and feedback all of you gave us last week. It means the world to us, and the feedback was really useful. For the ones who don’t know what I’m talking about, last week we presented different versions for the Argos Panoptes and the aegis shield. And a lot of you reached us out via web, Twitter, Facebook, TIG and IndieDB. So we are really thankful to all of you! We still don’t know which versions are the winners, but we are gonna ask you your opinions again soon!

And now, for this week update, we are planning the 0.3 version of Okhlos! What does this mean? Here is what we have planned for this version:



We’ve made a HUGE GUI change. We were using a very old version of NGUI, and we decided to update to a newer one. That brought us a lot of headaches and extra work. It really gave us lots of problem. So for this version we are hoping to close the sad chapter of updating from a 1.2x to a 3.4x (trust me on this one: never a good idea).

Besides that, we were using  2x sprites in the hud and windows (we talked about this a few updates ago). Now, the 2x sprites are only for the mob portraits. The rest of the HUD is much smaller and less invasive.

Finally, we were doing a lot of mockups of some old windows.



In this version, we introduce two new types of heroes: The psychic and the troubadour.

The Psychic basically spawns a force field to prevent projectiles.

This is quite useful against projectile thrower enemies. Not so much against melee enemies, though… Also, they don’t attack: they are too  focused on creating force fields with their minds.


The other hero type is a buffer. The troubadour will sing, boosting the stats of nearby units. As the Psychics, they don’t attack. You can’t play the lyre and punch something at the same time!



Gordon, the newest addition to the team, started composing the Apollo track, and it is wonderful. We want to do some dynamics things with the music and the mob gauge, but for this version the stage track and maybe some other low priority sound will do.



We finally settled a lot of things regarding the enemies in Okhlos. We have a good number of enemies, and very cool behaviors. Now we have to put them on the stage, animate them, and tweak them.

For this version, we are gonna wrap up the Apollo enemies, which went through a lot of changes.

Apollo needed some changes also. So this version he will be a little bit smarter than before.



Finally, we needed to tweak a lot the building’s destruction. We implemented this feature some time ago, but we hadn’t had the chance to try them out. So, for this version, we are aiming to create a a permanency effect by leaving some dust particles for a while after a building is destroyed.

By the way, now destroyed buildings leave these beautiful ruins.


So that’s what we have in our hands right now! Luckily, we will have it a week or so. Unfortunately, it will be for internal use and press only :S

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Decisions, decisions…

Hey there!

We are trying something new here … or at least, we haven’t done before.  Here is the thing, we have to make some choices, we have several variants of this item and this enemy, and we can’t decide which ones are the best. So we are hoping that you could help us deciding!

Click in the image for the full size!


The first image, shows the Aegis shield. This is a legendary shield that will boost your defense A LOT for a few seconds. The main problem with the original version, was that it looked very much like a coin, and people didn’t get that was a shield, so that’s why we are trying these new ones. As you can see, we have five options to choose from: A, B, C, D and E.


Secondly, we have the Argos Panoptes, an enemy from the later stages of the game. This guy’s main feature  is that it has one hundred eyes. And as we as the Hecantochires turned out really cool, and they are like in the same level, we want something as cool for Argos (we haven’t revealed the Hecantochires yet, by the way, we are saving them for later). Also, you can see here that we have six options, all the way from A to F.


Well, that’s about it. We would love to receive some feedback from you guys. Which one is your favorite Aegis? The mighty A? The impervious D? Or perhaps the wondrous E? And what about our buddy Argos, which version do you like the most?  Reach us out by any medium available (comments, posts, Twitter, Facebook) and tell us!

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A mob is as good as the enemy that crushes

Ahoy there!


These last weeks we’ve been working hardly (or hardly working) on the enemies of Okhlos.

A lot.

Like, really a lot.


One of the most enjoyable things in Okhlos is fighting enemies. Early on, we figured out that one of the cornerstones of the fun and variation in Okhlos is to have enemies with very different mechanics. So we started establishing which mechanics were interesting enough to explore. Besides that, we have to put the mechanics in context, so we have to do a lot of research to determine which enemies will appear, when will they appear, and keep them coherent with the rest of the whole.


So we established 21 mechanics that we think are cool. But! Besides that, some of these mechanics can work with each other! So suddenly, we had a lot of new stuff that we didn’t think of! Basically, we have 21 behavior archetypes and a lot of combinations to do. We still don’t know how many enemies Okhlos will have. But I think that we’ll have plenty of interesting challenges.


So, besides the behavior, we have the sprite part (my part, the cool part). I’m actually making a lot of tests to see how they look. Trying different palettes and different sizes for the monsters.


One of the things I did was remaking some of the old enemies. Here you can see some of the progress.



As you can see in the image above, the Prophetai and Hosioi have their eyes covered, which makes them darker and gritty, because of Nolan.

The Nemean lion found a stash of steroids.

Also, the Hosioi now share the size of the Prophetai, because the Prophetai now summon a different creature!


Here are some enemies.

Here you can see:

-Some ideas for the Posidon’s stage creatures.

-A warrior that protects himself with a shield, and a color variation

-Some satyrs. One of these is based  on this guy.

-Some centaurs. They will focus on the mob and trample them.


Finally, I want to finish the post with some unjustified screenshots!

The Calydonian boar

The Nemean Lion

Some Hephaestus’ machine

And the three of them together

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Let’s watch Okhlos’ let’s plays!

Hi there!

This week we decided to try something different. Not only to give a breath of fresh air but also because we don’t know how many people will be reading the blog this week, that the GDC is taking place. So, we thought of making a compilation of all the amazing “lets play” of Okhlos there have been so far.

We haven’t made an oficial trailer yet, so this seemed like a good opportunity to show you a little bit of in-game footage. Of course, all of these videos were captured from a very early version of Okhlos (from version 0.2.x to be accurate), and you will see there still is a lot of work to be done. But even so, if you are one of those following us that haven’t seen the game in motion yet, here is your chance!

Having said that, in no particular order, here they are:




Gaming Faster Than Light






The Mr. Dudepuppet



And last but not least,



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Pimp my mob size

Hello there! Another week, another update*.

This time, we talk about the mob-size indicator, whom you may remember from a few weeks back, when we talked about some of the changes in the HUD.

The HUD , by the way, is still undergoing dramatic changes. Not everything ended up looking particularly pretty, but we are focusing on usability before beauty. We can always add some lens flare over the sprites in order to give them the J. J. Abrahams cool vibe later.

Back to the mob-size indicator.  We were reviewing the latest version I had designed when Sebastian suggested that the image representing your mob switched dynamically, depending how many people you had.  We immediately thought that it was a terribly cool idea. We love putting random, dynamic things in our games (100 unique phrases for Gravity Fleet’s main menu window, your welcome). So we embraced the idea, and put it to work.

Here are the first images we came up with, but it’s very tempting to do a LOT of them:

 Full disclaimer: After reaching 100 people, I ran out of ideas, and things started to get weird…






The guy from behind is doing the “Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing” maneuver.

I ran a 4 shorter for this to be a cool reference.

The mob is going to give this guy the Cacofonix-treatment in any moment.

We are kinda obvious sometimes

I haven’t done the majority of the kings yet, so picture this but with a few more crowns.



Well, that’s it for this week! Stay tuned  for next week’s update!


*Where available


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