Okhlos is an upcoming PC game made by the fine folks of Coffee Powered Machine. In Okhlos you lead a mob of ancient Greeks, tiny and pixeled, through mythological Greece, destroying everything that stands in their way. Crush gorgons! Topple cyclops! Overthrow gods! The mob will grow and change with every new person that you recruit, be they peasants, philosophers, or legendary heroes! They will each make your mob unique and relentless… if you can manage to control it!






“Are you feeling angry? Angry enough to lead a small army as it kicks Zeus in the shins until he dies? Good. Then you are ready.”

Rock Paper Shotgun







“[…]And it does so with so much style, with those lovely graphics, that it’s hard not to jump in and start playing it!”

El Pixel Ilustre







 “[…]And the action is fast-paced and frantic. Basically, Homer meets Cannon Fodder.”

Rezzed 2015 – our 16 favourite games

The Guardian





Coming to PC, Mac and Linux in 2016!





We’ve closed our pre-orders because we are launching the game with our friends at Devolver! However, we’ve still left open the special tiers if you want to BE IN THE GAME!

More about Okhlos That's me! Edition

Have you always wanted a chance to stomp your foot in Zeus’ big, ungrateful face? Well, here’s your chance! Send us a photo and we will turn you into a game unit! You’ll have the chance to become a citizen, fighter, defender, slave, or even a bureaucrat! You’ll rampage your way across ancient Greece as part of the mob, delivering chaos and mayhem upon your enemies*, striving to defeat and overthrow the tyrannical gods! You’ll be included in the game’s Encyclopedia with your name and everything! Careful though, only 100 people will be able to snag up this opportunity of a lifetime, so don’t hesitate or it’ll pass you by!


*Some chaos and mayhem, as well as some clobbering, stomping, and frying , may also be delivered onto you.


More about Okhlos Socrates Edition

There is nothing more exhilarating than being a part of a righteous mob that delivers great vengeance and furious anger upon its enemies… or is there? Only one thing can top being part of a rowdy, devastating mob – and that’s leading a rowdy, devastating mob! If you pick this option you will be one of the 30 lucky people to be included in the game as one of Okhlos’ philosophers – the mob’s leaders! Can you imagine the power? The pure, unlimited power!?* 



* Power limited by the mob, technical limitations and the rules and regulations of the city-state of Corinth. The chances of your character getting clobbered, stomped or fried will also be considerably high.


Do you have questions about the pre-order tiers? Check our FAQ page and/or contact us!



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Even though they lack some features that will be in the full game, like dynamic sprite shadows, they convey Okhlos’ visual style much better than the screenshots or videos do. Switch to full-screen mode to check out the annotations and to view the art at its fullest!

You can view the rest of them here.


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(They will open up in a new window)

Much more screenshots in our botonScreens&Media section!


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