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Squeeze into your toga and slide on your sandals to rally the angry mobs of Okhlos and bring down the oppressive god of mythological Greece! Your beloved people will not longer stand for the abuse from their deities and take up arms against them and taking down anything and everything in their path. Topple the beastly minotaur, bring down sacred temples, and confront the almighty Olympians themselves while recruiting and balancing your unruly mob with warriors, peasants, slaves and even livestock in their quest for freedom from Mount Olympus! It’s total anarchy in the birthplace of democracy!



“Are you feeling angry? Angry enough to lead a small army as it kicks Zeus in the shins until he dies? Good. Then you are ready.”

Rock Paper Shotgun







“[…]And it does so with so much style, with those lovely graphics, that it’s hard not to jump in and start playing it!”

El Pixel Ilustre







 “[…]And the action is fast-paced and frantic. Basically, Homer meets Cannon Fodder.”

Rezzed 2015 – our 16 favourite games

The Guardian






Also, check out the OLYMPUS EDITION!


Okhlos: Olympus Edition includes a digital Encyclopedia, a collection of Okhlos prototypes, and the original soundtrack by A Shell in the Pit.





Even though they lack some features that are in the full game, like dynamic sprite shadows, they convey Okhlos’ visual style much better than the screenshots or videos do. Switch to full-screen mode to check out the annotations and to view the art at its fullest!

You can view the rest of them here.





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(They will open up in a new window)

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