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[Dev Blog] Creating gods -FINALE-

After last week’s update, when we posted the concepts of the final four gods, we finally have the gods’ semi-definitive designs. Here they are!

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

Some notes about the changes:


Apollo has more clothes on than in the previous versions, but they were no bigger changes than that.


We have the pixel art and animations already, so we didn’t make changes to him.


We added a tiara, like Apollo has, and removed the wings from her shoes. Also, we added some green to enforce the “natural” side of her.


Pretty much straightforward, there were no difficult decisions to make once the original design was selected. Here are some very old versions that give him some piraty look.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


We still don’t know what she’ll have to cover her nudity, but it definitely will be an icon or emoticon of some kind, or something funny from the game.

Also, compared to previous versions, we gave her girdle and cestus more prominence.


Same thing as Apollo, there where no big changes here. The hat and bag went bigger.


The main problem with him was the apron. We wanted something credible, that looked good context, so we tried with the leather thingy. The hammer was another problem. We researched different types of hammers, but we decided to take some liberties and make an original design.


We had a lot of versions of Athena, and none of them quite fitted. Finally, we established some parallels between Ares and Athena so we adjusted her outfit to fit Ares’. The color palette is the same, but they look very different thanks to the different body sizes.


I liked the punk hair on him, but the mohawk didn’t fit right. So I went for a more Sid-Vicious-like look, and made him grumpier.
Also, the lyre suffered a lot of changes. I figured it would be cool to make it like an electric bass/guitar, so I added lots of accessories.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


Hera was pretty much straightforward. A lot of jewels, a robe and the peplos. I started with the colours inverted, but she stood out too much from the other gods.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


Thanks to IndieDB’s user Duselesco and his feedback about the hood, we decided to keep his hood on, retaining a darker look, only for a first impression, because before the battle begins Hades will transform himself, by taking his hood off.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


We had the problem of Zeus’ hair. We tried a lot of different choices, but nothing really persuaded us. Finally we chose a more canonical Greek look.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


So that’s all for this week. We’ll be getting some new updates from our new team member JoseLuisScolari soon, so stay tuned!

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[Dev Blog] Creating gods -Part 3-

Hi again!


This will be the final post about creating gods for Okhlos! Over time, we will be doing a lot of stuff with the gods, also the designs may suffer some changes, but the initial concept behind them is the pillar of what will come next. This means that you can expect more things about the gods in the future, but they will be oriented from other angles, like level design, technical stuff, etc. (also, maybe next week will do a recap of the selected versions of the gods).

So, lets start with….



Dionysus is the god of chaos, disorder, music, orgies and wine. Brainstorming about him and his level was pretty fun, but then, I didn’t want to make a fat old drunk. I wanted to make something with personality, and maybe generate the most edgy god (always consistent with the rest of the game).


So I started with a surfer approach. I thought of him, as cool as a mutant turtle saying cowaboonga (kind of 90’s cool). Long hair, party type. Later, I thought that it wasn’t exaggerated enough, and I had to push some more, so then I went for the Hippie look. I liked a lot the idea of making him a Hippie, they had music, drugs, wine, everything. I loved the bearded version of Dionysus, until Sebastian pointed out one of the most important aspects of the god. The hippies are all love and peace. And Dionysus is all disarray, chaos, and a little bit of angry.

From there, I felt in what would be the more fitting attitude: Punk. So, yeah, we have a Punk god, who plays the lyre very hardcore.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)



Hermes was almost the most difficult god I had to make (spoiler, Zeus was/is). I went through very different concepts, until I found some ground.


What I had: Wings, a bag, some cloths hanging to make him look quick when he runs.  The initial concept (from the first update, when I made the whole bunch very quickly) was good, but very typical. Also, I hate Jay Garrick’s hat very much, which is a petasos. I had a hard time drawing it in a natural manner (you will see that later concepts have the petasos in the back). The first Flash has a petasos which is kinda of a military helmet and that’s not a good reminiscence for our character.


I had to do an awful amount of Hermeses (as with all concepts here, you only see a selection of  the drawings) and none of them felt godly enough. It was when we added the Caduceus that he gain some bearing.


Apart from the petasos, the other problem was the he was not only the god’s mailman but also the god of athletes, so my first idea of making him very skinny was not very good. Eventually, I put him some flesh  but I stayed a bit reluctant of putting more, so as not to lose the design constants of the characters (after all, they are a little bit cartoony, they don’t try to be realistic in terms of human proportions).

The final tiny problem was the hair. Sebastian thought it was too much anime-like, so I made a few versions with much shorter hair. There is also a version which has a safari hat. Searching for mailmen to inspire the petasos, I found Jake from Adventure Time as a mailman with that kind of hat, and I quite liked it.


(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

Fun fact: The petasos it’s like the one that Oedypus has.



Posidon (whiteout the E because Poseidon is too mainstream) was the most straightforward and easy god to make. Posidon’s concept was very clear. Water and eastern robes. There were other things associated with him, like the horses we mentioned on the first part, but they were not so important to the god’s look as they may be to his behaviour or the design of his city.

Also, another thing that accelerated the design was the fact that he will have half his body under water during the fight. That gave us the liberty to do whatever we wanted with the bottom half. The underwear fit perfectly, and we think that maybe during some attack, or after he is defeated, the player will see it but first we have to design the temple in which the player will be facing Posidon. Also, having one croc was cute.

The other designs I tried were either too chinesy or too piraty (not on the screens). Making the crown was the most tedious part. He is the only god that has a crown, so we wanted something organic and which didn’t look so much like a crown. Also, we didn’t want to fall into the coral trap, having the little mermaid’s under the sea look. So we kept the sea references to an indispensable minimum.


(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


He was the most annoying god to make. We wanted to be fresh and original so we were friends of the idea of making him lose the beard. The white hair felt good, not because of his age but because we wanted him to be pure divinity. Also, we didn’t want to make him old. He was the younger of the three brothers, and early sculptures depicted him as a middle age man.


This brought all kinds of problems, it was so different from the popular conception that it ended up not looking like Zeus at all. We even tried some kind of Muay Thai boxer thing with white hair, and stranger things happened.


To make him more serious, we tried to whitening his eyes with bolts of lighting. This is something we have planned for different types of attacks from all the gods, so we couldn’t make that a design characteristic of Zeus.


(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

I was quite happy with the last two results. They were very unique. Unfortunately, here comes again Sebastian to point out that they felt a bit Egyptians, and the dreadlocks didn’t help a lot with the ethnicity.

So I tried different types of long hair (I don’t  know why, but IT HAD to have long hair), also, we gave more importance to the laurel wreath and made it golden to integrate it better with the rest of Zeus ornaments.

Finally, I tried a more traditional hair style from those times, but again it didn’t feel quite right.


(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

So, sadly I still have some work to do with the hair, but I think the rest of the body and the clothes are fine.


Well, that sums up the process of making the gods. It’s super cool having to draw a lot, but making concepts doesn’t give you the feeling of progress in the project, at best it gives you some rules for when you have to do the actual in-game graphics, which is really cool and necessary, but it’s not in-game progress.


We don’t know yet which kind of update we will be having next week. Maybe something technical from Sebastian or maybe which the definitive concepts that we will be using for Okhlos will be.

Stay tuned and find it out!

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[Dev Blog] Creating gods -Part 2-

Ahoy there!

We will continue with our article from last week. A quick recap in case you missed it: We had started doing some research and then began designing the bosses of the game. We had Artemis, Apollo, Ares, and Athena.

Also, we had some problem with last week image sizes, so this week the images will be a bit jpegized (I love .png, but it’s maybe better leaving it for games).


Hera is Zeus’ wife, and considering that Zeus was going to be final boss, we thought of slipping her into one the game’s final stages as well. But later, when we started looking into Hades, we decided to put him near the game’s end (along with Zeus), so Hera will probably end up showing up a little bit earlier in the game.

From scratch I started a much more queensy look that with other gods. She has jewels all over her, and the Polos, which is like a crown.

Plus there was an important fact about Hera that we wanted to emphasize, that she bitterly transformed everyone she did not agree with into animals, so we wanted a grumpy old woman look, but at the same time young enough to match with Zeus.

Also, here is a little .gif of the process.

I start with some basic geometrical shapes to outline the body’s structure, then I make a standard woman body, which I will be using for all of the design tests with Hera. Finally, it’s a matter of throwing detail without thinking too much.



Aphrodite was quite a challenge. I spent a lot of time until I found some ground.

First of all, making her nude was not an option. Aphrodite is the goddess of marital love, but also of love outside of marriage, so she has a very robust erotic side. Making her naked would not generate anything erotic, it would had been simple and kitschy (if that’s a word). So we wanted to provoke the erotic side of Aphrodite, with some clothes on her.

The basics were a girdle and some cestus. These were both gifts from Hephaestus (worst wife gifts ever), who also forged a lot of jewelry for her.

We first thought of using transparencies, along with the girdle. But it gave her a middle eastern look which didn’t quite fit.

Later, we embraced the fact that, like Apollo from past week, they were all kinda naked. The majority of women had her breasts without any cloth. So we tried showing her boobs, and later showing just one. We are thinking of using the censored black box with her, which is a better fit than Apollo.

Also, the most popular conception is that she is blonde, so we first landed there, but later we moved on and tried to make her redhead, which is more suggestive.


Hephaestus was one of the easy ones, but it still took me some time. The hard part was to find the body posture to suggest all of his illness.

In the first draft, I approach him like a block, which was kind of cool. Like all the gods, he had an stylization, making him less cartoony. In the first iteration, it went out too erect, so eventually I stooped him a bit, I made the body bigger, and his head much lower.

I wanted to made his overall (a constant that he always had) cover with leather and belts, because, belts.

Also, the hammer it’s not definitive, I want to make the hammer unique, not some Thor-esque thing, without any joke. We will see what can we do there.

Finally, I did’t have enough time make some more bald Hephaestus, as in the early concepts. I liked the idea of baldness (as the 60% of my characters in Rogue Legacy) for a blacksmith, but it sounded too much of a cliché.


Finally, for this week, I had to do Hades, which by far, it’s the most interesting god I had to concept. I didn’t quite nail it yet, but I liked some results enough to put them up here.

The first drafts came out kinda Jerry Garcia, I liked the idea of a good God. All of the gods, are your enemies, you have to fight them, but in the early myths Hades was not much of a jerk, like we can say about Hera or Zeus, he is often depicted as a balanced person, knowing his role in the cycle of life. Hollywood pretty much made us think of him as a bad guy. So I started with the cool, hipster – philosopher kind of guy.

I also tried a more grimmy look. Putting a hood in a character makes him automatically grimmy, so I started with that. Then I thought of chains, which keeping in mind his relation with death, was the logical conclusion.

In later attempts, I put him a mask with no face, and got very very creepy look, maybe a bit too much for the rest of the game.

Finally, it put him a beard, and it suited him well.

Anyway, I liked the RobinWilliamsInGoodWillHunting kind of thing from the first attempt.

Well, that’s all for this week. The next week will have the four final gods, and we will move on to something more technical, delivered to you by Sebastian.

Also, we were very happy about the reception of last week’s article. Thanks all of you for being awesome!

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[Dev Blog] Creating gods -Part 1-

This week we’ve been making the concept art of some of the gods that will appear in Okhlos!  Making concept art is one of the tasks I personally enjoy the most. So for me, it was a very good week!

(You can click on every image to see it’s full size)



The approach we have taken was initially to research. We spent three or four days getting to know everything we could about the gods. I can’t emphatize enough the importance of doing a good research of the subject you are exploring. We have researched a lot from Wikipedia, but also from Robert Graves’ The greek myths, which is the most amazing book about greek mithology out there. Also, we explored which were the common conceptions about the gods, and what were the popular belief about them.
This research helped us establish a ground to add our own interpretations. For example, Posidon (yeah, without an E) originally was an Indo-European horse god, which later came to the pre-hellenics cultures. That’s why even Athens it’s a port city, they don’t venerate him so much. All of this gave us new material, and allowed us not to drift into the usual cliches about some gods.

When we finished the research stage, first I drew the majority of the gods, in a very quick and drafty way. This helped me establish an aesthethic line, and the common things which all of the gods will have. This gives coherency between the gods, even when they are not ment to be together in the game.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

As you can see here, there are some patterns that were early established in all of the gods. Also the robes were an important element from which I could part from. These were not definitive, or made with much love, these were quick sketchs, so I spent a lot of time thinking, but not a lot of time drawing, or caring about anatomy or other stuff.
Finally, the best part, making lots of drawings.


I already had Ares from a few early tests, which coined what could be the god aesthethics.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)

I started drawing Ares with different kinds of helmets. Also, I made him very short and kinda fatso. I was thinking of a sort of Gimli/violent dwarf thing. Later, I stilized him. Also, made his tunic to cover him more, so that it could cover some things for the animations.

(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)


Athena was the second god I approached. The complexity about her was very much how the Peplo would interact with her. Should I base the design in the classical peplo/maiden, or should I invest her more as a warrior?
Finally, I haven’t make the choice yet, but I’m feeling very fond of the color version. It’s simple and very clear about her.
(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)
In my first attemp, I tried to change the helmet to a very different thing from the classical statues. It turned out it didn’t work very well, so I based the rest of the designs into the classical helmet.
Also, I dont have a clear solution to the Aegis yet (the shield). I guess that it will give me a lot of work in the future to figure it out.


The olympic twins brought me some challanges.
First, I picked up what I drew first, which was very cartoony, and stilized it a lot. I liked the cartoony look, but we wanted more solemne presence for the gods.
Also, I wanted to emphatize the fact that Apollo is in some way, the same god as Helios,  the sun god. So I made some kind of wrist with the sun emblem. But the problem was that I had no intention in making that kind of avatar simbolization into each god. I drew some versions of Artemis with the same concept in mind (but with the moon, as she was the reinterepretation of the triple moon goddess maid-woman-elder).
(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)
As for Artemis, I took the bow to be a lot like the usual RPG super bows, and added some manga style to it. It’s not finished yet, but I think it’s going in the right direction.
Also, I didn’t want to give her a too much of a sexy look, so in the majority of the cases, I tried not to emphasize the boobs too much. The last version shows Artemis as a roguelike archer, maybe it’s cool, but it’s not the right choice, unless we give it a lot of context.
(Click in the picture to enlarge it!)
I had to work Artemis and Apollo as an unit, so i made a lot of ctrl + tab between the files. Finally, I think the toga version, and the wrist version could work with any of the other Artemis.
Also, a lot of Apollo representations were with him naked. And he is like a simbolization of perfection and male beauty, so i went to the censored version. In the game, it would have a black square, like in the concept. We think it’s cool, but it pushes to make it to other gods as well, and the joke would feel over used later in the games.


Hope you liked it! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
And don’t forget to suscribe to our RSS to keep you posted to our news and updates!
Come back next week for the second part of creating gods!
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[Dev Blog]Defining levels

After our last week post, we set up what will be the general layout of the game.


Okhlos will be based around the gods you will be fighting. Each section of the world will have mechanichs accordingly to each god.

For example, in Sparta, the main god will be Ares, the god of war. You can expect things to turn a little violent while you are there. In other regions, like Athens, there will be much more brain teasers for you to work out.


Basically, each region will have it’s own challenges, for you and your angry mob to work out.


To give you an idea about how big the gods are, here is a comparative between Ares and a common philosopher


(note, Ares has no shadow yet!)

It took us about a week to establish each god and what will be the challenge, and now we are starting the art concepts to be able to design the levels.

In the meantime, we are also integrating a plugin to be able to persist the mob between levels. We are using Unity Serializer, which can be found here.


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