• Why is Okhlos so awesome?

The oxen. The sound effects help a bit but it is the oxen mostly.


  • Should I ever stop playing Okhlos?

No, keep playing until the end of times. And then play some more.


  • Are there any real questions in this F.A.Q.?

Are there any real questions anywhere? That is the real question…


  • When will I get the game?

As soon as the game is ready, if you got a pre-order you will be among the first to get the game. We don’t want to leave anything out or release an unpolished game but we will most likely be realeasing the game sometime next year. In the meantine, we will stay in touch!


  • When will I get the OST?

The soundtrack is also a work in progress so you will get it when it is finished, which will most likely be by the time the game is ready.


  • What kind of picture should I send you to get my pixelated character ?

A portrait would be the safe bet. But any kind of picture where you are facing the camera, and we can clearly make out your face, will do the trick. Please don’t send us anything with copyright. We cannot use copyrighted characters


  • What will you do with the pictures? Are you going to do some voodoo stuff with them?

Certainly not. We will not use your picture for anything else than making your character. We will delete the photos afterwards


  • If I get the character in the mob option, can I choose which kind of character to be?

Our plan is to distribute more or less evenly people’s sprites among the different unit types, with the exception of the citizens, which should be more common than the others. So we can’t guarantee that you will be able to get a certain kind of unit but if you are among the first ones to get this option you will have high chances of getting any kind of unit you want.


  • Why are you not running a Kickstarter?

For starters we are from Argentina and you can’t create a Kickstarter from outside USA, UK, or a few other ones. Secondly, we are going to finish the game no matter what, so it wouldn’t be a kickstarter campaign per se. And lastly, there is a lot of extra work involved in running a good Kickstarter campaign, that would most likely derail us from development.


  • I want to give you even more money! What can I do?

Follow your impulses.


  • My question was not covered by any of the above questions. Does that mean I am special?

Yes, and you can send your question to contact[at]coffeepoweredmachine[dot]com