As you, avid reader of our humble blog knows, we’ve been working on the new update for quite some time now.

Today, it’s all about enemies. Enemies are a very important part of every game. And sometimes they can single-handedly determine a huge part of your game mechanics. I mean, most of the challenges in games come from the conflict, so if you have very boring enemies, the conflict, or the created situations will be boring in consequence.

So, following that train of thought, we had an interesting variety of enemies before, but we felt that we could do better, that we could push a little further some ideas about enemy mechanics.

Here are a few examples of new enemies in Okhlos:

Kamikaze (working title*)

One of the first things we noticed on the vanilla version of Okhlos (wow, Okhlos vanilla version is a thing now) is that not too many players felt compelled to escape from situations. And the defense button is really good if you catch the correct timing. Also, there are almost no enemies that actually go after you, maybe the Satyrs, but not many.


With the kamikaze, you feel forced to escape because they will explode after a short time. Besides that, they explode a few seconds after being killed, so you have to choose the correct moment to defeat them.


The Champions

A whole new type of unit we are introducing in this update are the Champions. They appear only once per world. Like we do with the gods, the order is random so you never know which champion will appear in what world (but we have some rules about which can appear in which world internally).

As with the Kamikaze, we analyzed which were the interesting bits of the combat and which were not. Eventually, we came up with some ideas about what would be cool to have.

We have what is basically a Hosioi++, he launches 8 fireballs in all directions. You might try to use defense, but depending on the spread of the mob, you might have to do it multiple times to protect every unit.


We also have a giant Trojan Horse, which will spawn multiple enemies after being defeated. Not only the feeling of fighting this 20+ warriors is awesome, but the Trojan Horse is the first and so far only character in 3D in the game!


We have a super healer, which will be constantly healing the rest of the enemies on the level so you have to attack him first or defeating other enemies will be near impossible in advanced areas.


Stheno and Euryale are the new Gorgons. We had Medusa as an ordinary enemy before, but she only affected a small area. It doesn’t matter where you are, they will transform ALL YOUR UNITS in your mob into stone,  and you will be on your own for some time, trying to avoid them.


We have plenty more of new enemies, but we don’t want to spoil them, so look for them in the update!


* Kamikaze is actually the temp name, but I think we forgot to think in a proper name, and we already sent the strings to localization, so I think Kamikaze will have to do.