Hello there! Another week, another update*.

This time, we talk about the mob-size indicator, whom you may remember from a few weeks back, when we talked about some of the changes in the HUD.

The HUD , by the way, is still undergoing dramatic changes. Not everything ended up looking particularly pretty, but we are focusing on usability before beauty. We can always add some lens flare over the sprites in order to give them the J. J. Abrahams cool vibe later.

Back to the mob-size indicator.  We were reviewing the latest version I had designed when Sebastian suggested that the image representing your mob switched dynamically, depending how many people you had.  We immediately thought that it was a terribly cool idea. We love putting random, dynamic things in our games (100 unique phrases for Gravity Fleet’s main menu window, your welcome). So we embraced the idea, and put it to work.

Here are the first images we came up with, but it’s very tempting to do a LOT of them:

 Full disclaimer: After reaching 100 people, I ran out of ideas, and things started to get weird…






The guy from behind is doing the “Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing” maneuver.

I ran a 4 shorter for this to be a cool reference.

The mob is going to give this guy the Cacofonix-treatment in any moment.

We are kinda obvious sometimes

I haven’t done the majority of the kings yet, so picture this but with a few more crowns.



Well, that’s it for this week! Stay tuned  for next week’s update!


*Where available