Hey there!

We’ve been quite busy these last few months, because we were working on a new update for Okhlos! We will still keep some details to our selves, but we need your help to test the new update!

If you wish to participate, all you have to do is write us via Facebook, Twitter, our e-mail, or right here in the comments, and we will send you the magic word to enter the beta.


Here is a small .gif in case you never entered any beta on Steam


Keep in mind that only if you already own the game on Steam will you be able to enter the beta.


We need your help! If you find any issues whatsoever, please describe them and write us through any of our social media accounts, e-mail or right here in the forums!


We are particularly looking for Mac and Linux testers.

The beta will be starting soon and we have a limited quota of participants, so don’t hesitate!


Here is a small snippet of what you can find in the new beta!


I totally stole that Corgi from Daniel Benmergui‘s Fidel

  • Kuma

    I would love to get in on the beta