This week, we introduce our new trailer!

I actually don’t know the first thing about video editing, but with persistence, and the invaluable help of @ashellinthepit, we made it! Enjoy!



Besides from the trailer, there were two major events this week: The E3 and the PAX 2014 deadline!

I don’t want to get into too much detail about the E3, because it had a lot of coverage, but anyone who was following it will have noticed that there were certain  features common to almost every game presented throughout the conferences, features that each and every person that stood on the stage highlighted over and over again.  Oddly, Okhlos has  all of those features:

  • Okhlos runs at 60fps (mostly)
  • Okhlos runs at 1920×1080 (1080p), and if you run in windowed mode, you can even set higher resolutions!
  • Once, we even made Okhlos run at 5760×1080! (Three monitors!)
  • Okhlos has a dedicated server, where we manage the SVN, and commit the changes we make! We promise that is dedicated and exclusive, because no one else can use it except for us!
  • Okhlos is very social, because we tweet and post in Facebook a lot about the game!
  • Okhlos has asimmetrical gameplay. If you play Okhlos with a person next to you, the experience of each one of you will be totally different!

As you can see, Okhlos has all the features a game needs to be in a press conference… At least for this year’s standards.


Apart from the envious E3 trolling, this week we submitted Okhlos to the PAX Prime! Over the years PAX has grown to be the largest event for indie games, with thousands of people pouring in from all over the world, so it would be terribly cool to have the chance to show the game there! We are very excited!


Finally, this may not be an official changelog post, but we added a few things in the new version we sent to PAX, so here we go! (also, I wanted to release the new changelog graphics)

– Added new heroes!

Drakularos will make that every unit heals a little after landing an attack!

Pirithous will root enemies to the ground! (Yeah, kinda ironic :P)

From now on, with each hero we add, we will display the amount of heroes we have!


– New camera!

We tweaked the camera, so now you can see the pixel art in all it’s glory. Also, we removed the antialiasing effect. The buildings and the rest of 3D objects didn’t seem grateful, but it was a incredible improvement for the sprites.


– Sounds as 3D sounds

We haven’t started to integrate Gordon’s sounds, so we are still using place holders in order to have some audio feedback for things happening, but we had run into some problems. The music was too loud, and the sfx were almost imperceptible. We solved this by setting the sound effects as 3D sounds, which means that their volume, intensity and other settings is adjusted by its position in the game world.


– Bug fixing, as always

Because it is so much fun!


Well, that’s pretty much about it for this week! Let us know what you think of the trailer and the changes!