Okhlos’ new version is here!

We’ve migrated from Unity 4 to Unity 5. And a lot of improvements were made. The most important ones are that now the game supports cursor lock on multi monitor displays, and an overall improvement in graphics, shadows and shaders. We’ve also changed the pieces left by a building when it’s destroyed, and a done lot of bug fixing.

Bug Fixes:
– The resolution issues which made you unable to play the game on some AMD configurations (mostly on some MacBook Pro) are now fixed
– Beating the game with Einstenos in the mob, no longer makes that if you start a new run at that moment it crashes upon finishing an area
– Fixed a loading freeze when trying to spawn a hero that was already in mob (inside one of the special  buildings)
– Fixed a crash after killing Hades (with Thucydides in the mob, and another hero affected by his ability also in the mob but dead)
– Gryphons can no longer get stuck flying away from the mob after killing a unit
– Flipped screen on Lemnos in some configurations when the anti-aliasing is activated
– Dying at the same as defeating a boss no longer makes you respawn at the next world but without a mob
– Pyrrho will now not kill any heroes, as part of his ability
– Stats are not stored any more during Crypto runs (as are persistent heroes)
– Panacea will no longer try to bring back to life disbanded units (which resulted in a mess)

Plus several other minor issues.


And lastly, here is a screen showing some of the new illumination and shaders.