After our last week post, we set up what will be the general layout of the game.


Okhlos will be based around the gods you will be fighting. Each section of the world will have mechanichs accordingly to each god.

For example, in Sparta, the main god will be Ares, the god of war. You can expect things to turn a little violent while you are there. In other regions, like Athens, there will be much more brain teasers for you to work out.


Basically, each region will have it’s own challenges, for you and your angry mob to work out.


To give you an idea about how big the gods are, here is a comparative between Ares and a common philosopher


(note, Ares has no shadow yet!)

It took us about a week to establish each god and what will be the challenge, and now we are starting the art concepts to be able to design the levels.

In the meantime, we are also integrating a plugin to be able to persist the mob between levels. We are using Unity Serializer, which can be found here.