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The new edition of Gravity Fleet is out! (Finally)

The new Edition of Gravity Fleet, it’s finally out! And it’s FREE!

In this Enhanced Edition, you will found new items, more levels, more ships, tweaked graphics and overall optimization.


What are you waiting for?



Grab it now!

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Down for now :(

Maybe you noticed that Gravity Fleet it’s not in the appstore anymore.

That’s because the game was very buggy, we were forced to give compatibility with a lot of devices that we weren’t intented to give, and because we had an extremely disastrous launch.

The good side of this, it’s that we are launching a new edition of the game with a publisher! The new “Enhanced edition” will have tons of new content, new levels, ships, characters, but more importantly, enhanced visuals, animations, new gameplay, and a new user flow that will make the experience much better than ever.

Add to that an almost ‘bug free’ version, and 9 languages to support!

We are very optimistic for the new edition, hope you too!

The enhanced edition will come up at the end of the month.

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The new update is out!

The new version of Gravity Fleet is out!

We had a lot of problems with different language bugs, and the iPad 3 compatibility. But that’s far from us now!

The new update have a lot of bug fixing, new gameplay tweaks to make the experience even better, and a hole new episode to play!


Give it a try here!

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Gravity Fleet 1.1 is out!

The new update of Gravity Fleet is out!

Check it out at:


In the new update, you will find:

-A whole new episode with 10 new levels to test your skills against the devourer menace.
– 3 new assistants: The able ape known as The Mechanic; The dangerous and digital A.I. Calc; The lovely and logical Ms. Stock.
-Gamecenter Leaderboards. Share your score with your friends or the World and fight to reach the top.
-Full iPad compatibility. You can now play the game in full screen on your favorite iPad.

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[Making of Gravity Fleet] meet the new assistant!

The magic behind it’s revealed! Check out the new speed video!

Stay tuned! We’ll keep posting making of material of Gravity Fleet!




And dont forget to download the new version of the game this week in the appstore!

Get it here!




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