Poisonous cats are awesome.

In the first level, the god Apollo fires arrows to the mob. Right now, we are using cats as placeholder sprites for them, so it looks as if Apollo is throwing cats at you, like that crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, which is hilarious. Unfortunately, that will have to change because evil Roque wants to use proper arrow sprites.

This goes to show how important it is for programmers to NOT be in charge of the art, because if that were the case, all games would be about cubes or random sprites downloaded from internet. There are exceptions, of course: programmers that are great artists, or programmers that, independently of how “good” their art is, have a consistent style that goes well with the game. This is not our case, obviously, so be thankful that Roque is here. If it weren’t for him, the game would look like this:

But, no matter what, Apollo throwing cats at the player is still awesome.