Our first game, Gravity Fleet was a marketing flop, didn’t went too well on the Appstore, due a number of reasons:  bugs, crashes on different languages, support to various devices that we were not able to support, and a very weak marketing strategy, that’s why we decided to remove it from the appstore.

The good news it that Yuisy, the biggest publisher in Argentina contacted us to publish an enhaced version of the game. With a lot of social integration, tons of new content, and improved graphics and animations.

Was a lot of work, but the difference it’s huge! (click on the image to enlarge)

There are lots of enhancements thus, the user experience, now it’s much nicer and polished!


A Space Era adventure like no other!

The planet-eating monsters are here! It’s time to kick them back to where they came from. Discover the fun of astrophysics, using the gravity of the planets, worm holes, stars and black holes to land your shots right on the spot. Forget about over-rated pigs, this is the space game you have been waiting for!


The game is developed principally by two people; an artist and a programmer, with the help of a musician.

The game offers homage to various  Sci-Fi series, geek culture references, memes, and a few surprises more





The short version:

  • A puzzle/strategy game set in space with 90 levels (and more to come!)
  • 13 SpaceShips, each with it’s unique Captain
  • Items, ships and missiles available
  • Runs on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
  • Price: $0.99

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