Hey all! It’s been a while!

Even while we are in the midst of going crazy with all the stuff we have to do in order to get Okhlos ready for release (and we still have some work to do in that regard!), we wanted to let you all know that Okhlos will be available to try in two huge expos!

We’ve disregarded the dev blog a little bit these last months because we had so much work that we really needed to focus all our energies into the game. Next week, however, we will be retaking our good old misadventures about development that you all hate to read, but you probably know us and had to anyway.


Weird introduction to subject matter, let’s now delve into what’s important!

Do you want to try Okhlos? It will be showcased at two different venues!


Kyoto BitSummit


The 4th installment of the Indie festival! So, if you are in Kyoto this weekend, you will be able to try the game! Note that the expo just lasts two days!

Also, players will be able to play the game in Japanese! Which was an interesting task (expect more about localization in future posts!).

For more info about the venue, check this!



Tecnopolis 2016


Tecnopolis is probably the biggest event in Argentina regarding science, technology, art and culture (culture basically encompasses the other three, but I wasn’t the one who came up with the slogan).

From what we know, Tecnopolis will be open from July 14 till October 15, so you have LOTS of time to try Okhlos! The game, obviously, will be in Spanish! :D


Tecnopolis will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More info here


Well, that’s all for now! We promise to come back with mildly interesting bits of information about game development and whatnot.

Because you happen to reach the end of the article, here is a gratuitous gif! <3